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Property LawProperty Law

We have one of the largest and most efficient property divisions in the Cape Metropole.   Our services include the following:

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Mercantile LawMercantile Law

The success of a business depends to a large extent on its structure.  At VGV we will guide you as to whether a project should be undertaken in a company, close corporation, trust or partnership.

Related services include:

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Tax legislation changes regularly and continual tax and estate planning is therefore essential.

At VGV we can assist you:

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Constitutional Law and Human RightsConstitutional Law and Human Rights

The Constitution of South Africa has far-reaching consequences for every citizen. The attorneys at VGV are well informed of the latest developments in this field, which ensures that your interests, particularly in your daily contact with government institutions, are protected.

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Motor vehicle Accidents

We handle third-party claims of clients injured in motor vehicle accidents, as well as claims for damages.


We represent clients in criminal and civil cases in magistrate’s courts and the High Court.


We handle applications for sequestration and liquidation and apply for the rehabilitation of insolvent persons.

Labour law

We draw up service agreements and represent clients in labour disputes.

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Family lawFamily law

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Debt CollectionDebt Collection

We are geared to do any Collections as instructed by our client (soft approach or legal). We have a dedicated team with the relevant experience to handle matters effectively.  

We have daily contact with courts in the Western Cape and a countrywide network of correspondents to ensure the effective collection of debt.

We treat debtors courteously and always within the ambit of the Magistrate’s Court Act and will always consult with our client before proceeding with a Sale in Execution or an Eviction.

As Attorneys, we are able to provide legal assistance in matters incidental to the collection of debt. We are also in a position to oppose applications for debt review and administration orders.

We are also equipped to bring liquidation and sequestration applications against the different entities, should the situation so require. We provide all encompassing “in-house” debt collection service to you.

Our system ensures that any information required about a debtor, can be obtained by the click of a button.

We have an effective electronic accounting system in place that will ensure that all payments and the relevant financial statements are received by you timeously.

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Administration of Deceased EstatesAdministration of Deceased Estates

Dealing with the loss of a loved one due to death is hard enough and winding up the affairs of that person should not add to the hardship. At VGV we lessen the burden of the administration process involved when winding up the affairs of the person who has passed on.  

At VGV Attorneys we have over 30 years of experience in the administration of deceased estates and will ensure that the process is administered efficiently and as expeditiously as possible.

The estates of all deceased persons who owned are assets must be reported to the appropriate Master of the High Court who appoints an executor to administer the estate. Appointment of an executor follows the nomination in terms of the deceased’s Last Will and Testament. The beneficiaries nominate an executor if the deceased fails to do so, or dies without a will. At VGV we accept nominations to act as executor, or act as agent on behalf of the appointed executor.

The Administration of Estates Act 66/1965 prescribes a list of legal formalities which must be adhered to when administering deceased estates. This includes the placing of advertisements in a local newspaper and the Government Gazette notifying creditors and debtors of the estate; collecting assets held in the name of the deceased; opening a separate bank account in the name of the estate; paying creditors their claims; drafting a liquidation and distribution account reflecting all assets and liabilities and details of the distribution of the balance to the heirs. Further duties of the executor includes placing advertisements to notify all interested parties when the liquidation and distribution account will lie open for inspection at the relevant Magistrate’s Court; distributing the balance to the heirs and lodging proof of distribution with the Master. This sounds fairly straightforward but in practice all sorts of complications can arise.

The following is an indication of the costs that are involved when administering an estate:

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Antenuptial ContractsAntenuptial Contracts

Congratulations on your engagement and upcoming wedding!

The most important  thing about your big day, apart from the flowers, the dress, the photographer and all the other detail, will be the promise that  you make to the one you love in front of all the witnesses present.

Although this will be the most beautiful day of your life, the legal implications of this big step should be crystal clear to both you and your betrothed. An appointment with an attorney is not the most exciting part of organizing your wedding, but in order to have a financially secure future, it is very important to know the legal position surrounding your choice.

We aim to make this experience as pleasant as possible. Your marriage will be In Community of Property if you marry without an antenuptial contract.

To protect your assets from your spouse’s creditors, you must enter into an antenuptial contract before conclusion of the marriage. Ignorance of the law is no excuse. A High Court application to change your marital status afterwards will be costly and expose you to unnecessary risks.

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OtherEstate Planning

We work in close conjunction with Finlac who provide professional estate planning services.

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At VGV we offer a full range of services to protect your interests and to assist you. Do contact one of our attorneys about your needs.

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