Commercial Law

At VGV we understand that, just like you, your business is unique and that the success of your business depends to a large extent on its structure. We will guide you as to whether a project should be undertaken by your company, close corporation, trust or partnership.

Related services:

  • Registration of companies
  • Drawing up of shareholders’ agreements
  • Creation of trusts
  • Drawing up of partnership and joint venture agreements
  • Assistance with the purchase and sale of a business, mergers and take-overs
  • Registration of trademarks and patents
  • Insurance Law
  • Pension Law
  • Energy Law
  • Construction Law
  • Competition Law

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With the right attorney and legal information, you can make informed decisions. At VGV we will ensure that the appropriate attorney is allocated to you for your specific needs to ensure a personalised service that delivers exceptional results.

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