Debt Collection

Debt Collection

We provide all-encompassing “in-house” debt collection services. We are geared to do any collections as instructed by our clients (soft approach or legal). We treat debtors courteously and always within the ambit of the Magistrate’s Court Act and will always consult with our client before proceeding with a sale in execution or an eviction. We have an effective electronic accounting system in place that ensures that any information required about a debtor can be obtained by the click of a button and that all payments and the relevant financial statements are received by you timeously.

Our dedicated team, daily contact with courts in the Western Cape and a countrywide network of correspondents ensure the effective collection of debt due to you. 

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With the right attorney and legal information, you can make informed decisions. At VGV we will ensure that the appropriate attorney is allocated to you for your specific needs to ensure a personalised service that delivers exceptional results.

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