Effective litigation or alternative dispute resolution (mediation or arbitration) is essential to protect your interests. We represent our clients in a wide range of criminal and civil cases in both the Magistrates Courts and the High Courts. We provide all-encompassing correspondent services for all litigious matters.

Related services:

  • The drawing up of contracts for lease and sale purposes
  • Registration of transfers
  • Registration of mortgage bonds and cancellation of mortgage bonds
  • Registration of servitudes
  • The arrangement of finances, inclusive of liaison with financial institutions and bond originators
  • Sectional title developments and group housing schemes developments
  • Corporate housing schemes and affordable housing
  • Share-block schemes and retirement complexes
  • Township development
  • The rezoning and subdivision of land
  • Comprehensive notarial services, inclusive of notarial servitudes, bonds and antenuptial contracts
  • Foreclosures
  • Evictions

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With the right attorney and legal information, you can make informed decisions. At VGV we will ensure that the appropriate attorney is allocated to you for your specific needs to ensure a personalised service that delivers exceptional results.

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